13th February 2019
Olympic champion Helen Glover launches #SheRows
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Olympic champion Helen Glover launches #SheRows to get 10,000 women indoor rowing by 2021

In a bid to get 10,000 more women indoor rowing by 2021, British Rowing has launched #SheRows, a national campaign fronted by double Olympic champion Helen Glover MBE.

British Rowing launches #SheRows with Helen Glover MBE video

#SheRows will showcase indoor rowing as the ultimate, full-body workout and highlight its mental health benefits. The campaign will make getting on the indoor rowing machine easy with a wide range of free support materials including instructional technique videos, workout videos, online training plans for all levels of fitness, and gym classes.

Having become a first-time mother in August 2018, Glover is a huge advocate of indoor rowing as a highly effective workout for busy women looking to balance a healthy lifestyle.

Glover says: “Indoor rowing is a fantastic exercise option for those looking for a low-impact, high-intensity workout, which is very efficient in a short space of time. Indoor rowing really is a workout that anybody can do – at home or in a gym. The indoor rowing machine was a big part of my training for the Olympics and World Championships but I am looking forward to using it as a way to stay fit and active now, as a new mother, I have less time to exercise.”

#SheRows will target women who are returning to exercise having had a break due to life or family commitments. Regardless of age or ability, indoor rowing helps you to build confidence and rapidly regain fitness. Being the most effective and efficient workout, indoor rowing is growing in popularity, and it is estimated that over 100,000 homes own their own rowing machine.

Joanna Moseley, aged 53, used indoor rowing to build her fitness and help reduce stress: “Indoor rowing will always have a very special place in my heart. It was my introduction to exercise at age 48 when I wasn’t sleeping and felt permanently stressed and anxious. A friend lent me an indoor rowing machine suggesting exercise might help. Within two weeks of rowing, I was sleeping well, and life began to look brighter. In 2014, I rowed a million metres fundraising for a charity in memory of my Mum. I will always be grateful for the amazing support of the rowing community who encouraged and helped me so much!”

Helen Rowbotham, Director of Innovation at British Rowing, says: “Indoor rowing is one of the most effective full-body workouts that can be completed in a short amount of time – ideal for women who have busy working and family lives.”

The benefits of indoor rowing include:

Low impact exercise with high-level results

Exercising on an indoor rowing machine is low impact on weight-bearing joints, which enables people who may not be able to take part in other high impact activities to get a good cardiovascular work. For women who are new to exercise or easing back into fitness after a period of inactivity, this makes for a perfect low-impact workout. Indoor rowing provides a workout that all woman can enjoy no matter their age, size, sporting history or fitness levels.

Offers a full body exercise

The rowing stroke works 85 per cent of the muscles in your body across nine major muscle groups including the back and shoulders, glutes, legs, arms and core.

Short yet highly effective

Considered a HIIT workout, British Rowing’s 20-minute Go Row Indoor workout really packs a punch, making it an effective option for women who are short on time.

You control the intensity

Committing to an exercise regime can be hard, so engaging in an activity where the exercise intensity is easy to control will help to make it more enjoyable and keep motivation levels high. On the indoor rowing machine, the pace is entirely up to you. You can increase the intensity of a workout by increasing the stroke rate or pushing harder with your legs.

Rowbotham adds: “Our work within rowing clubs and gyms have shown us that more women are taking up indoor rowing as a means to either build or maintain their fitness levels. #SheRows aims to further highlight how easily accessible and achievable indoor rowing is.”

In addition to online videos, British Rowing has also developed a number of indoor rowing class models that are being rolled out in gyms and health clubs across the UK, adding a social aspect to workouts.

For more information visit: www.britishrowing.org/indoor-rowing.