Link Forward for Vanguard

Link Forward for Vanguard

Wesport has been awarded a contract from BNSSG-ICB, to pilot a community-based social prescribing approach to improving outcomes of the most complex and vulnerable children and young people who are currently being supported by one of 9 Vanguard services.

This will involve 1:1 mentoring support in addition to the support they are receiving from the Vanguard service providing the opportunity to build a rapport and understand their interests in more detail. Transition into locally based community activity is then key to this work. We are building the case that supported engagement into activities across Nature/Sport and Creativity, can provide both a safe space and a new community of people for these young people to improve their health and individual outcomes.

Southmead Development Trust (SDT) as the only provider of a CYP Social Prescribing service across BNSSG - are the lead partner in the delivery of this work and will take all referrals initially and provide the support for any who are Bristol based.

For those who are South Gloucestershire based, we are working with Creative Youth Network and for North Somerset individuals, the Youth Offending Service at North Somerset Council.

For all Vanguard pathway services, please contact Vicky Wall at SDT on or 07951 824619 to arrange a time and date to have a referral conversation. You can then complete the referral form here

Please use the flyer in the download section on the right, to promote amongst your staff.

For any more general enquiries about this work, please contact