Grace Ekall tells us why #WeAreUndefeatable

by Jasmin Campbell health and wellbeing

Grace Ekall- Bristol – Food entrepreneur, fashion designer, former professional dancer/choreographer and breast cancer survivor

Grace was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, undergoing massive surgeries and harsh treatments. Her cancer came back in 2016 more aggressively and she then spent a year and a half in chemotherapy. Despite these setbacks, Grace used her background in Afro-contemporary dance to help other women with cancer, interpreting their physio into engaging dance sessions. She is still teaching African Dance and Freedom of Movement classes in Lockleaze, as well as being involved in many other things in Bristol, including continuing to develop her hot sauce business!

We think Grace embodies what the Sport England #WeAreUndefeatable campaign is aiming to achieve; to support and inspire those living with long term health conditions to be active in ways which suit them, showing the real life experiences of individuals' journeys and highlighting how each day is different. We were inspired by Grace's story and hope her way of thinking will show others in a similar position that being physically active can simply make you feel good; her positive attitude and enthusiasm for dance is infectious! 

As a former professional Afro-contemporary dancer, Grace knows the positive impact of exercise on the body, and in particular, dance. She has been using dance and conscious breathing exercises as tools to help manage her health condition, and wishes that everyone is able to use dance as a tool for wellbeing.

How does engaging in physical activity make you feel?

Engaging in physical activity makes me feel alive, for me, dance is a perfect way to listen to your body and communicate with it. It makes me feel in control of my health, energises me and helps with a positive mind-set.

Physical activity is always a gift that keeps on giving. It helps you look after your body, makes you healthy and happy. You meet new people and find that you can have mental and emotional support from your "keep fit" family.

Do you have any advice you would give to someone else in a similar position?

 Yes, MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! :))

Whether you do another form of physical activity or not, everyone should dance :))

Grace is delivering African Dance & Freedom of Movement sessions @ The Hub in Lockleaze, starting 24th Jan and running for 6 weeks. Book your place by contacting Grace on 07538746038

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