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Wesport are celebrating Women and Girls in sport during the week of 17th – 21st of June. This week we want to showcase some of the role models, coaches and inspirational women that get involved in sport and physical activity in the West of England.

Avgi set up Bath Women’s Badminton Club (BWBC) and is a great example of one of these inspiring women.

BWBC is based at the Bath Sports & Leisure Centre and began in March. It is a Women only club that encourages women of all ages and abilities to just turn up and play!

Clubs like this which improve the sporting opportunities available for women are important in addressing the inequalities we see in participation between the genders. One member told us “opportunities for women in sport have increased significantly…the fact that this is equally for women-only and for all levels is what makes it so appealing”.

It is important to provide a positive environment in order for the club to keep growing and for people to want to return, which BWBC has managed to do very successfully. It is a club that creates a positive environment for women and girls to want to continue to attend sessions. We asked members what their motivation for going back to sessions was and they told us it was “the friendly atmosphere and people”. This club also enables them to “play with other ladies” as “it is hard to get enough women to play doubles”. Members of BWBC state that their favourite part of the club is the “welcoming & friendly atmosphere”. The positive environment Avgi has created here seems to be the main reason for the continuing expansion of the club and the reason players want to return.

The positive impact that sport can have on mental health and wellbeing is also apparent at this club. Members commented on it having “immensely” helped their mental health and wellbeing through “helping recapture that ‘team’ feeling” and “Avgi the coach being great at bringing people together”. With 1 in 4 people suffering with a mental health problem every year, it is important that clubs like this one can help support mental health and wellbeing.

This club is important in helping create more opportunities for Women and Girls and overcoming some of the barriers that exist in preventing women from participating in sport and physical activity. When we asked members “what would you say to someone who wanted to join a club like this?” they replied that women should be “encouraged by the welcoming environment and the lack of equipment needed: just give it a go!”

Sessions are every Saturday 9:30am-11:30am. Sessions are open to all women over 18 of all abilities and are a fantastic way to get active, have fun and meet new people.

To find out more about what the club is all about click here.

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