12th January 2022
Coach Learning Framework: Great Coaching, Great Experiences

UK Coaching, along with more than 80 coaching experts from around the world, examined the foundations that make up a high-quality coaching environment that is packed with great learning experiences, to determine exactly what people need to be successful in meeting their goals, as well as the skills, qualities and behaviours a coach needs to provide to support them.

The insight-based Coach Learning Framework is the result.

It is a holistic approach towards coaching that is person-centred, long-term focused, and based on the understanding of what development means both for the coach and their participants.

It's made up of nine themes:

  • Understanding Self.
  • Understanding the Individual.
  • Understanding Your Environment.
  • Understanding Your Coaching Practice.
  • Athletic Development and Physical Preparation.
  • Lifestyle, Health and Well-being.
  • Relationships
  • Skill Acquisition.
  • Sports Psychology.

These can be used as a framework to help all coaches at all levels learn how to deliver great coaching experiences for all, regardless of the sport or physical activity they coach in.

Regardless of where coaches are on their coaching journey or the environment in which they coach, they can use this framework to navigate their development.

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