Economic impact of sport & physical activity

In 2015, Wesport commissioned a study looking at the economic impact of sport and physical activity on the West of England economy. This work has been undertaken by the Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance, within the Faculty of Business and Law, at the University of the West of England (UWE, Bristol).

The report conducted:

  • A detailed review of Sport England Economic Impact Tool
  • Analysis of national and local economic data
  • Own local survey of key organisation & Wesport Partners
  • Then cross checked with other economic tools.

If you would like to find out more about this report, please contact Steve Nelson via or call 0117 328 6250. 

what did the economic impact report find?

  • Sport and Physical Activity contributes £876.7m to the West of England economy per year.
  • For every £1m invested in Sport and Physical Activity, it leads to a total benefit of £2.82m to the local economy.
  • Health benefits are worth over £260m and saving to the NHS is over £17m.
  • The Sport England tool is very useful for a National picture. Some small recommendations have been made to help improve it.

To view to full report please view the downloads section. To view a summary, please see the infographic below. 

Infographic showing some of the key findings from the Economic impact of sport and physical activity report.