Bristol Parks Tennis

Access to 15 tennis courts:

Canford Park

8 tarmac courts

Eastville Park

2 tarmac courts

St George Park

5 tarmac courts

Redcatch Park

4 tarmac courts

Dingle Close

2 tarmac courts (opening soon)

Dingle Close will soon be joining Bristol Parks Tennis - more info here

Annual household membership is £35 - this provides access to the courts for anybody living at your address

All income generated from sales will be put towards ensuring that the courts are regularly maintained and kept to a high standard to maximise your playing enjoyment, and to support the achievement of Wesport’s charitable objectives. Wesport are a charity dedicated to providing people from all backgrounds a range of opportunities to enjoy sport and physical activity. We will strive to ensure we help as many people as possible to access tennis across Bristol.

Pay & Play is £5 per court per hour

There are currently restrictions on court usage in place in all three parks to allow fair access for as many people as possible.

  •  You will be limited to 4 bookings in a rolling 7 day period
  •  A court booking is limited to 1 hour

It is important that you can cancel a court if you do not wish to use it.  We have removed the cancellation "no refund" window for pay and play users, to encourage the cancellation of courts.  If you do not use a court and fail to cancel the booking then a 7-day ban on booking courts will be applied to your account. 




Before playing tennis at Canford, St George or Eastville Park please ensure you have read the information below and read the documents at the links that have been provided.
It is important that these rules are followed to ensure that all players and Wesport staff can remain safe. Government guidance can change quickly so please ensure you check here before playing.


Below is information in addition to that of the LTA rules above that is applicable to Bristol Parks Tennis

  • Please arrive 5 mins after your start time and leave 5 mins before the end of your finish time.
  • Please wait outside of the court area until your court is empty then proceed through the coded gate. If you need to prompt people to leave the court, please politely do this from outside of the court fencing.
  • Please bring with you hand sanitiser or another means to wash your hands, as there will be no cleaning facilities available.
  • Spectators should use the park and view the tennis through the fencing – they are not allowed on the courts.

Coaching is only permitted on the courts in any of the three parks (Eastville, St George and Canford) with the written consent of Wesport.  If you are an LTA accredited coach wishing to use these facilities then please email and we will let you know what the process is.

Please remember that we are fortunate to be able to play tennis. Help us to keep this happening by following the rules.


Bristol Parks Tennis is managed by the West of England Sport Trust (Wesport) who work in partnership with Bristol City Council.