2020-21 Virtual Winter School Games

2020-21 Virtual Winter School Games

2020-21 Virtual Winter School Games

Following the huge success of the Virtual Summer School Games, The 2020 West of England Virtual Winter School Games kicked off on October 19th and saw its last participants take part on December 4th. In total there were nearly 4,000 entries across the 5 weekly activities as well as an encouraging number of entries in our Virtual Dance Competition.

The Winner of the Team Dance Challenge is Batheaston Primary School- please see the their video on the right.

Team Dance Challenge Winners!

All Personal Best Certificates for the 5 Personal Best Challenges can be downloaded from the right hand side of this page. Also don't forget if you managed to complete all 5 weeks of Personal Best Challenges we also have the Active All Star Certificate.

Our Young Leaders from Ashton Park school have again done a fantastic job each week of explaining and demonstrating the challenges on video. We hope they have been an inspiration to all children in the West of England.

A special well done to Alexander Hosea and SS Peter and Paul Primary Schools for getting the whole school involved across all 5 weeks!  Good work.  A mention must also go to the individual pupils from Redland Green School who signed up to Playwaze and took part themselves.

The number of schools taking part in Winter as opposed to Summer dropped slightly but there was a large increase in the number of schools entering whole year groups and in some cases the whole school!  

We are aware that many schools took part in the activities but did not enter their results. We hope that these schools feel able to enter The 2021 Virtual Summer School Games so they too can join in the celebrations.

The ease in which schools can enter has been refined, with the Playwaze platform we use now adapting to the need of teachers. Further information on how easy it is to get involved will be shared in plenty of time for all schools in The West of England to take part in the Virtual Summer Games.

We want to say a huge thank you to all of the parents and teachers who’ve supported children and young people to enter the Virtual School Games this winter. We know that school life is a bit different at present and we appreciate all your support and enthusiasm to keep children moving.

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye out for future challenges through our Playwaze community.  For every challenge you participate in you redeem points towards our activity reward. Once you hit our target points you can redeem the following certificates: Bronze Activity Award, Silver Activity Award, Gold Activity Award and our Spirit Warrior!