Active Travel – Schools

Active Travel – Schools

Help your pupils arrive at school energised and ready to learn with Active Travel. It’s a great way to improve health, cut pollution and reduce traffic at the school gate!

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Active Travel is a perfect way for pupils to clock-up active minutes and enjoy a stress-free start to the day.              A 10-minute brisk walk to school can help children smash 1/6 of the recommended 60-minutes of physical activity a day before the bell.  Research suggests they'll arrive calmer and energised for the school day.  Add to that the reduction of traffic at the school gate and you've got a happier, healthier and safe school.

There are plenty of ways to encourage Active Travel, from promoting it on your school website to running travel challenges.  Some schools run Park and Stride initiatives while others provide scooter and cycle training.


Resources and support

Additional ideas locally 

We work closely with the local authorities across the West of England and their Healthy Schools and Road Safety Teams.  See below for more information.

South Gloucestershire Schools

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Health in Schools Programme, important update:

The Public Health division within the council is setting its next four-year plan the Health in Schools Programme (HiSP). For schools not involved in the current programme it is currently paused. If your school is already engaged in the programme, and completing the bronze, silver or gold award we will continue to support you to achieve this. For information, advice and guidance on PSHE and health promotion in schools please email and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lead Road Safety Officer for Sustainable Travel: Catherine McCoy

Lead Road Safety Officer for Road Safety Education and training support for active travel: Martina Bryne-Obee 

Bristol Schools 

Contact for information, teaching resources, advice and support to improve the health and wellbeing of pupils, staff and families.  Click here for more information on Bristol Healthy Schools.

Bath and North East Somerset Schools

Contact the traffic management team: 

North Somerset Schools

The Healthy School Network programme supports schools to identify their own needs, make plans to address them and review progress.  For more information contact 

For support on sustainable travel and safety please contact


All four Unitary Authorities are partnered with Modeshift STARS Education Accreditation Programme.  It is free to access for schools. 

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